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A Cost Effective, Safe and Sure Therapy.

The great thing about I-131 is that it targets and destroys the abnormal thyroid tissue while sparing the normal tissue that is not over-producing hormones. The radioiodine does all the work. It is safe for the cat, causes no adverse side effects, and has about a 95% success rate with one treatment. So, treating your cat with I-131 is actually pretty quick and pretty simple.

But physics does have its laws. Since we’re dealing with a radioisotope, we will have to keep your cat for 48 hours until the level of radiation given off by the residual I-131 is safe for you. Now, two days away from home is a long time for any cat, and especially for seniors who are set in their ways. What we must try to do is to make your cat think that this stay is good thing and not a bad thing. We try to make this seem more like a 'bed and breakfast' environment than a hospital environment.

A note about the “r” word. Working with cat owners over the years, we have found that they are very concerned about radiation and what it means to their cat and their families. There’s a lot of misinformation about radioisotope therapy and radioactivity in general. This, is often what stops people from choosing this mode of therapy, even though it is by far the best option for their pet. The actual treatment of hyperthyroidism with I-131 is simple. Nature has provided us with a very effective tool that seeks out the abnormal thyroid tissue, “shuts it down” permanently and returns your pet to a healthy, normal, non-hyper life. Radioiodine is the perfect therapy.