Dr. Mann’s 6-year-old daughter’s
rendering that lead to the naming
of The Cat Company and which
provided the inspiration for the
color scheme of our web site.

About Us

G. Tom Mann, DVM, DABVP (feline)

Medical Consultant

After graduating from Texas A&M University, Dr. Mann completed a small animal internship at the Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital before going into private practice. He has been associated with the Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital since 1973, an in 2006, he established the Cat Company for the purpose of treating hyperthyroid cats with radioactive iodine, I-131. Dr. Mann lives in Wadsworth with his wife, dog Greta, and two cats-Avery and Reginald. Charlie, the Best Cat in the Whole Wide World, now lives in Columbus with his daughter and not far from his son who also lives in Columbus. As of 2022, Dr. Mann has transitioned to the role of medical consultant for The Cat Company.


  • DVM, Texas A&M University
  • Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, certified in Feline Practice
  • Radiation Safety Officer, trained at the Radiation Safety Academy (now Dade Moeller)
  • Ohio Bureau of Radiation Protection Radioactive Materials License for the purchase and possession of radioactive materials


  • The AVMA
  • The OVMA
  • The Summit County Veterinary Medical Association
  • The American Association of Feline Practitioners
  • The Academy of Feline Medicine (until its dissolution)

A believer in the benefits of organized veterinary medicine, Tom is quite active in the profession.

Email Dr. Mann: catcompanyi131@aol.com